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Have you ever wanted to make real chocolate candies, but didn’t know where to start? Or, perhaps you’ve been confused about the difference between chocolates, well I can help.  I’m a professional Chocolatier and I would like to help answer your questions about chocolate and share my knowledge of chocolate with you. Even if you only like to EAT Chocolate this site will help you enjoy chocolate more.

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Save Money by Learning to Make High-Quality Chocolates

Yes, you can really save money by making your own Chocolate Candies. Plus, chocolates make wonderful personalized gifts any time of year. With just a little practice you will amaze your friends and family by making yummy dipped Chocolate items and Candies.

My Favorite Recipes

Chocolate Trifle

Chocolate Sauce


This Month’s Featured Item

How to Temper Chocolate…

 (The Easy Way)

Learning how to temper chocolate can be scary, but with this simple method, it will never bother you again.

Chocolate Tips, Recipes, and Reviews

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